The big questions of faith, life and calling aren’t answered easily. We encounter purpose and meaning when we experience challenge. VOCadventure is a program designed to challenge participants physically, spiritually and mentally. It’s about adventure: climbing mountains, road trips and camping. But it’s also about vocation, getting real about who you are, where you’re going and if God is calling you to be a priest.

The VOCadventure program runs annually, taking high school men (16-18 years old) either overseas or to rural QLD. The program includes physical adventure (mountain climbing, camping), spiritual and faith formation and human and leadership development. 

Our 2015 VOCadventure offerings include:

  • Discere Weekend: June 12-13. Discere is an overnight discernment challenge for young adults (18-30). Discere is the latin word for discernment. This overnight experience is designed to challenge young people to get real about discernment and vocation. 
  • Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF): Dec 3-5. Hosted by the Australian Bishops, the second ACYF will be held in Adelaide.

For registration or inquiries please contact the Vocation Brisbane team.