Congrats! You made it through Year 12 and school is finished now! That's a massive accomplishment. Now comes the next bit, you know, the whole "rest of your life" part. Isn't it crazy that the majority of your life boiled down to this last year? Now you have your whole life ahead of you. 

Maybe it excites you to have so many new possibilities; or maybe it daunts you to have to select from those possibilities - wherever you're at we want to say it's ok. Its ok to not have it all figured out yet; and it's totally cool too if you have got a plan.

If you are looking for a bit of direction, then maybe we can help. We're the office in the Archdiocese of Brisbane that helps people figure out what their vocation is. If you're not sure about that, we're compiled a list of things that are available to you, to help you figure out where you're going, what you're doing and how God fits into that.


Schoolies Leaven hour

Don't wait til next year to begin asking those big questions. We have a prayer hour on the fourth Friday of each month called 'Leaven Hour' with Mass and Adoration. 

Adoration is a prayer tradition in the Catholic Church, where we pray in front of bread that has been blessed in Mass, which we believe is Jesus really present. We're reminded as we pray that Jesus is really present in all of us, and we make his presence real through our lives and actions.

In November, we will be hosting a Schoolies edition at Surfers Paradise on the Friday of QLD Schoolies Week. Join us and feel free to say a prayer for you and your mates, as you take this next step in your journey. 

canali house

Young men come and live in Canali House while continuing to study, work and go about their daily life. With a resident priest at Canali House, discerners are encouraged to undertake daily prayer, Mass, theological study and gain first hand insight into the life of a priest. 

The house is designed to engage residents in the human pillar of formation, whilst exposing them to introductory theology studies and ministry commitments in a parish. They receive regular direction from the Vocation Director, as well as being paired with a priest-mentor. The twelve month program is designed to help men decide whether they will (or won’t) continue on the seminary.

Discernment programs

Throughout the year we run different weekends to help young people get in touch with God, their world and their lives. These weekends are about getting away from the pressures and expectations of life to ask the big questions: who am I, where am I going and how does God fit into that?

quo vadis

A weekend for those discerning priesthood or wanting to know more about what it means to be a priest. 


Spend up to a week away asking the big questions in the midst of a big challenge: climbing up a mountain!


Discere is a latin word meaning "to seperate apart", this weekend helps seperate apart the options for those thinking about where God is calling them.

You don't have to live your life by accident. Take the time and take the risk to seek your calling.


Draft is a collection of reflections on life, calling and purpose. Click on the image below to access it online.

We have more videos and downloadable content above under our Resources tab above.

Well that's about it from us, the rest is up to you.

Feel free to check out the rest of our website here, like us on fb and get in touch with our team if you want to know more about what we do. We're excited to journey alongside you as you begin the next part of your journey!