The first thing that usually comes to mind when we think about priests is that they can’t get married. Celibacy is one part of priesthood, but there’s so much more that a priest can do. The role of a priest is to make Christ present to people in all situations of life. At birth, through life and at death; priests make Christ a reality for the Church through the Sacraments. Priests help people make sense of life in every setting of life. Whether it’s in a church, on a battlefield, in a hospital, at school; the ministry of the priest is to bring Christ’s love, healing and forgiveness alive and tangible for us

Living a Priestly Vocation

Today there is a strong awareness that people everywhere long to have spiritual nourishment. The Catholic Community itself also needs to be fed with the body and blood of Christ. The priest of the future will continue that tradition of assisting people to develop their spirituality. The future priest will also need to explore ways of helping people make spiritual sense of their lives in a dynamic and changing world. Before doing these things, priests are students of prayer themselves. A priest develops his personal relationship with God, to learn the ways of God and to lead others on those paths.

How do I discern?

In the Archdiocese of Brisbane, Vocation Brisbane handles the discernment process for young men considering the priesthood up to entering the seminary. For more information on the discernment process for priesthood check out our Discerning Priesthood page.