Dear Teachers

We developed this portal as a resource for use in the classroom. We've compiled our resources and links on to one page for easy navigation. We hope it is a useful starting point for your class as you learn about vocation. The compilation of this portal was based on two units from the Religious Education Curriculum: CHLS16 (Liturgy and Sacraments) and CHPG12 (People of God). 

Some further helpful links are:


Catechism of the Catholic Church

Baptism Ritual


Catholic Vocations Ministry Australia (CVMA)

Vocation Boom


Catechism of the Catholic Church

On The Marriage Ritual

Marriage FAQ'S

Archdiocese of Brisbane Website

JPII Centre for Family and Life

Consecrated Life

Catholic Religious Australia


Ordained Life

Holy Spirit Seminary

Archdiocese of Brisbane


Catholic Deacons in Australia


We invite you to also check out our Resources page for other useful items from our office. Our team is also available to present in your classroom. We're happy to talk with you about what opportunities might be available.