FR stanley orji & fr marty larsen

Directors of Vocations & Canali House


Welcome to another year with the Vocations Office, where we will be supporting each other in a variety of ways.    As a way of introduction, the Vocations Office has new staff.  Fr Stanley Orji and Fr Marty Larsen are the Associate Directors for Vocations.  Bishop Ken Howell is the Director with an overseeing role. 

Fr Stanley and Fr Marty would like to firstly thank Fr Morgan Batt for his years of service as the Vocations Director. He faithfully discerned with many men their calling in life, especially to the priesthood.

Following his priestly ordination in June 2013 Fr Stanley (left) served as Associate Pastor in Jubilee Parish under Fr Peter Brannelly until December 2016. In 2017 he served in the same role in Burleigh Heads under then Fr Ken Howell (now Bishop Ken) and later as the Administrator of Burleigh Heads Parish.

Fr Marty (right) has come from the Maroochydore Parish, where he was an Associate for three years under the care of Fr Joe Duffy. He has been ordained for three and a half years. In his life before priesthood he was a waiter, a chef, a security guard, worked for the SES and was a secondary school teacher.

Sr Mel Dwyer continues her work with the Vocations Office journeying with women in their discernment.

Included with this letter is a calendar of events which we would ask to be promoted in your churches.  As you know vocations are out there, and we need your support in helping young people to discern where they want to go in life.  Our website and Facebook page have also been included so you can help them to make contact with us.

We look forward to assisting you as we promote and encourage vocations in the Archdiocese of Brisbane.