National Vocations Awareness Week is a specific time for the Church in Australia to pray for vocations and reflect on our own individual callings. Calling begins with baptism. Since we are baptised into the Body of Christ, we are responsible to that Body - to serve it. The experience of our Church is that serving the Body of Christ means that each individual will identify with one of four "States of Life": ordained ministry (deacons and priests), consecrated or religious life (sisters, brothers and nuns), marriage and single life. Within that State of Life we may find a further sense of calling - a vocation within a vocation, or our individual vocation. So, for example we can understand teaching as a vocation. Each of us has a calling, National Vocations Awareness Week reminds us of this. We're encouraged to pray for others, especially young people still discerning their call; and to live our call fully and generously.


Antiphonal Prayer for Vocations

A: At the sight of the crowds Jesus heart was moved

B: For they were like sheep without a shepherd

A: "Jesus said: "the harvest is ready"

B: "But the labourers are few"

A: Ask the Lord to send out labourers for the harvest

B: O Lord we pray that young people will answer the call to become servants in Your harvest

A: And shepherds for Your people.

B: Amen.