The phrase "Quo Vadis" comes from an Apocryphal tale of St Peter. In the midst of the persecutions in Rome, Peter attempted escape from the city via the Appian Way.  As he was fleeing, Peter encountered Jesus who was walking back towards the city. Peter asked "Quo vadis Domine?" which means "Where are you going, Lord?". Jesus replied "To Rome to be crucified again!" At this Peter turned around and returned to Rome, inspired to lay his life down for Christ and his Christian brothers and sisters.

Quo Vadis thus is not simply a question about where are you going physically; it is a question about how we follow Christ with our lives. As it did with Peter, that question might require us to turn ourselves around, to look at our world and our lives differently. The response may not be as dramatic as St Peter's, we don't have turn to face impending death; but we might have to make sacrifices in the service of God, the Church and the world.

The upcoming Quo Vadis discernment weekend invites young men to ask the question "where are you going?" Held at Holy Spirit Seminary, participants learn about the life and ministry of a priest, are immersed in the seminary community and formation program and receive guidance and direction. The weekend is shaped around four pillars - physical, emotional, mental and pastoral - allowing men to consider fully the call to Diocesan Priesthood.



Date: 28th - 30th August

Cost: $50 donation

Venue: Holy Spirit Seminary, Brisbane

To register interest in the weekend, or to request more information,  please contact the Vocations team: or 1300 133 544.