by Adam Burns

How to name a blog? It's a difficult task, and one that confronted me as I created this blog. The challenge is to think of something that will adequately introduce the content of the blog in a way that will also capture new readers. It mustn't be too simple, not too complicated. The lure of cheezy and abstract titles is real. At one point there was consideration of latin titles. But in the end I went with something that is core to Vocation Brisbane's mission: "Going".

The question we ask throughout the Archdiocese is the latin phrase "Quo Vadis", meaning "where are you going?". The question prompts reflection about where and how a relationship with God impacts the direction of our lives. It invites dreaming and discernment about the future. At some point though that reflection necessarily becomes action, decision, movement. It becomes lived reality. The question shifts focus from the questioning of "where" to the movement of "going".

It's this movement precisely that we want to capture in this blog: the "going" of real life people pursuing God's call in their life. These stories serve as inspiration, motivation and direction for those questioning and for those attempting their own "goings". 

The stories collected here in "Going" are real. They serve to remind us that God's call is real. So, where are you going?